Functional shower Trolley

For various reasons, there are people that are unable to move on their own and need help with various tasks, such as going to the toilet, showering, cleaning and so forth. The daily strain can prove to be tough for a lot of caretakers, at least without the right equipment. With shower trolleys​​​​​​​​, caretakers can movie patients with more ease and with less strain on their backs. 

Furthermore, high quality shower trolleys from TR Equipment have foot operated panels that can lower or raise the trolley both for easier access and to make it easier for a caretaker to carry the patient to or from a bed or onto another trolley. 

This helps reduce the workload for caretakers and makes it easier for the patient and caretaker both to do a daily task such as showering which otherwise would've been a heavy chore for both.

Showering with dignity

While the one being cared for do not have to worry about physical strain, they can still feel emotional pressure from knowing that their inability to move on their own cause others such trouble and physical strain. This is another reason why equipment such as a shower trolley can have such a positive effect on both the caretaker and the person being cared for. 

No one wants to feel like they're a heavy burden on someone and making the burden light and a non-issue tends to therefore have a positive effect on the psyche for people with handicaps that restricts their movements heavily. Everyone wants to keep their dignity after all, even when they're crippled and unable to move. With that in mind, it's means it's also important that you get good equipment, such as the ones from TR.​​